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Outside the Jobsite and Office Building

Coaching (English)

More results and (commercial) success
Topics of coaching
Golf & Business go hand in hand
  • Personal Efficiency

  • Passion

  • Drives

  • ​Communication

  • Awareness

  • Soft skills 

  • Personality

  • Strategy

  • Tactics

  • Coaching for managers who want to know to do more with less effort.

  • Management Executive Coaching will strengthen your leadership and boost your results and performance.

  • In Business and on a personal field direct noticeable!

  • The Coach will be your sparring partner who dear to give direct response!

  • Reflection is used as an essential tool at coaching sessions

  • Coaching is not done at the jobsite but at a beautiful outdoor location!



On a Golf Course (location t.b.d.)

  • Analyses of personal strategy in your management role

  • Finding analogy between your golf play and your management style

  • Determination of your strengths and improvement potention

  • Development of new ideas and solutions

For centuries business deals are closed on a golf course, or at the 19th hole, the clubhouse. But what is the similarity between Golf and Business?


Introduction into Golf by Management Executive Coaching could open doors to another dimension, so you can build your management skills and even get more business advantages on the golf course.

Golf coaching
Coaching golf clubs
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